Commissioners Corner Amendment.

I accidentally deleted a bit from the original commissioners corner post (found here)

I have the other part below. The bit in bold is VERY important.

Introducing the OOH Championship Belt

To enable some play between both leagues, and have something to do if you want extra games we are introducing the OOH Championship belt. This will be a winner stays on tournament that will go on all year. Details to follow on the spreadsheet but a brief summary is below.

  • The winner of Jerry’s tournament will start as our first champion (so sign up if you haven’t already).
  • Going forwards the champion can be challenged by anyone and a time set when is convenient, this can be spaced out as some have more time than others.
  • The champion can only use each team once in his ‘run’ whereas challengers can use any team they want.
  • Results will be recorded on a new tab on the spreadsheet to keep track of who was champion, for how long and who they played.

If you have read all of this and the original message by Friday the 1st of September please PM me (Moose) and I will send you an invite for the league.