Chargers Season in review

Despite a fairly shocking 3 and a bit seasons in NY, the former Jet’s owner managed to purchase the San Diego LA Chargers over a smokey table in a back street speakeasy in Preston.

Inheriting a fairly talented squad the owner rebuffed all trade attempts through the first few weeks of the season for his star players, many of whom will probably become Free Agents or cap casualties at the end of the season.

Week 1 started with a field goal fest against the Colts. The owner/coach was not involved in this one as he was still on Holiday in the Yorkshire Riviera and it showed as the Chargers won by kicking 4 field goals to the colts 2. 1-0 for the first time!

Week 2 the owner came back from Gods county and it showed. The Chargers were struggling with a new playbook having spent 4 years in the Jets system and despite some good output from Rivers, the inability to get in the end zone and settle for field goals meant the Chargers dropped to 1-1 on the year with a 38-16 loss to the Lions

Week 3 saw the Chargers visit Houston (the most obese city in America fact fans) and come out on the end of a close 23-17 loss to the Texans. Rivers continued to impress through the air with a solid 300-yard game, 2 TD’s and no picks forming a good relationship with Travis Benjamin but the Chargers rushing attack failed to get going for the 3rd week.

Week 4 the Chargers hosted the Dolphins and yet again the Offense was carried by Rivers going for 300 yds and 3 TD’s as the rushing attack managed 21 yards on 10 attempts including a 10-yard monster gain from Melvin Gorden who then went out injured leaving Austin Ekeler to carry the load for 9 tough yards. Joey Bosa, anonymous for much of the season went mad with 4 sacks and 6 tackles as the Chargers got back to 2-2

Week 5 the Chargers played the Broncos in the first division matchup of the season and the offensive woes continued with the Chargers settling for 2 field goals and Rivers, seemingly influenced by the ghost of the old Jets passing game went into high-risk mode resulting in 2 pics. Ekeler grew into his role with the teams best rushing output so far with 86 yards on the ground and a TD. Bosa went back to sleep

Week 6 the Chargers hosted Pittsburgh at Dignity Health Field (which I believe is where you take old people who you have no more use for) where Rivers ability to accurately pick out opposing players struck again as they lost 29-20 but at least TD’s were scored. Bosa stirred and got a couple of the Chargers 4 sacks as they dropped to 2-4 on the season.

Week 7 the Chargers packed their bags for a road trip to Tennesse and reverted the 2 games losing skid by holding on for a 24-20 win despite being vastly outgained in yardage and Rivers sailing another 3 pics, in what became known as the Ekeler bowl. Of the Chargers 260 total yards, Ekeler accounted for 158 – 109 rushing and 49 receiving and 2 TDs. The oldest man on the field Thomas Davies SR taking one 96 yards for a pick-six to give the Chargers just enough breathing space. Hunter Henry got injured which was really a surprise he made it this far!

Week 8 and 9 saw the Chargers play a couple of NFC North teams and if you have a weak heart, or have young children with you skip to Week 10

The Horror, oh the Horror. Outscored in 2 weeks 58-3, the owner having recurring nightmares about that first “difficult” season with the Jets. A defensive beatdown in Chicago that was pretty tight at 3-7 going into the 3rd quarter was lost when Chicago rattled off 13 unanswered. In a game where Rivers was under constant pressure every time he dropped back he was sacked 9 times, and when he could throw the ball, well put it this way – 14 pass attempts, 7 completions to the Chargers, 4 to the bears and three misses by throwing it out of play.

Week 9 was even worse, hosting the packers who dismantled the home team 38-3. In 3 weeks Rivers managed to throw 11 pics.

Week 10 gave the Chargers chance for redemption when they drove up the coast a bit to play the Raiders. Melvin Gordon returned from Injury and made up for the lost time, 244 all-purpose yards (172 ground, 72 through the air and 3TD’s) as the Chargers produced their best offensive game of the season winning 35-23 and getting back to 4-6 and tied for the Division league.

Week 11 and an absolute thriller that went to the wire as the Chiefs rolled into town and eked out a 21-17 win behind Williams 159 rushing yard performance The Chargers managed to go scoreless for the second half having got a 17-7 lead at the break but the Chiefs came back to lead 21-17 with 2 minutes to play. The Chargers had a chance to win it at the end when Rivers 4th and Goal pass from the 8 was dropped in the end zone by FB Tommy “Stonehands” Bohanon as time expired.

Week 12 was bye week we went to the beach in Santa Monica

SAnta Monica

Week 13 and things started to get interesting in the division with 3 teams all in contention for the title and the chance to get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. The chargers took the show on the road to Denver. Running the ball regressed to the start of the season and the Kicker had real problems with the wind in Denver as the Chargers lost 26-17. Handing the tie-breaker firmly to Denver

Week 14 and needing a win to re-ignite the playoff push the Chargers went to Jacksonville with a plan to throw the ball a bit since the rushing attack was still struggling. Instead, the Chargers pilled up over 500 total yards of offence, with Melvin Gordon having a monster game totalling 297 total yards (204 on the ground and 93 receiving) along with 2 TD’s and a broken collarbone ruling him back out for the rest of the season. The Jags defence inexplicably leaving Keenan Allen all alone on one side of the field for 2 receiving TD’s.

Week 15 the Vikings turned up and completed the sweep of the Chargers for the NFC North with a comfortable 27-14 win.

Week 16 the division title was ridiculously close with three teams still in with a chance of winning it the Chargers took care of business against the Raiders with a 41-20 win behind a flawless passing display from Rivers (4 TD’s no picks)and super-sub running back Ekeler (163 rush, 1TD and 30 yards 1 TD receiving)

The division was now down to the last week of the season with the Chargers holding a one-game advantage over the Broncos and Chiefs but having lost the tiebreaker to both teams only a win would guarantee the division title and the owners first trip to the postseason. Rivers has an outside shot at the passing title.

Week 17 and the Chiefs dialled one in with the Chargers winning the game and the division 35-21. Another solid 300-yard performance from Rivers with no picks, Ekeler had his second straight 150+ rushing yard game finishing as the teams leading rusher despite only playing 7 games… and has the top brass considering whether to put Melvin Gordon on the trade block to free up the cap space.

Wildcard round. Overcome with joy at having made the playoffs, the Chargers ran out to take the field at Dignity Health for the first time in the post-season to face week 1’s opponents, the 9 and 7 Colts. Sadly the occasion got to the Chargers who lost 17-9 to the Colts. Key injury to TE Stud Hunter Henry on his first catch meant the outlet of reserve tight end Virgil Green and Tommy “Stonehands” Bohanen meant a few crucial drops and despite a couple of monster sacks by Joey Bosa, outgaining the colts in total yards, and 3 trips to the RedZone the chargers were only able to get 3 field goals and the season ended. Congrats to the Colts who move on to the Divisional round.

Phillip Rivers finished the season second in passing yards, 32 behind the winner Sam Darnold and for the first time in this owners season, had more TD’s than Picks. Most of the starters are signed up and back for next season so overall the owner is pleased with his first year in LA and looking forward to sorting out the Cap mess he’s made for himself earlier in the season.