Top 5’s at 5!

Top 5 – Edition 3 – Wide Receivers

In Edition 3 the guys that have the potential to win or lose you games. Every great QB has his favourite WR.  Again in reverse order …

5. Brandon Cooks

A solid and quick Wide Receiver for any Quarterback, Brandon Cooks seems to click with Jared Goff and is certainly his favourite target. With a league leading 56 receptions (WR) he’s closing in on another 1000 yard season and deserves his place on the list.

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4. Stefon Diggs

2nd on the countdown, swapping Miserable Minnesota for Sunny San Francisco certainly helped his career, this reliable Wide Receiver loves working with his new QB and his 11 TD’s show that. Solid reliable catcher of the ball.

3. B.J. Streets (AKA B.J. ‘Streaks’)

The touchdown leading WR Mr B.J. Streaks has an impressive 12 TD’s. Carson Wentz clearly loves his new young target and he only looks to get better in seasons to come.

2. John Ross

Impressive stats from the speedster, leading the league in both yards (1218) and yards per catch (27.7) paired with Mahomes Throw Power going deep seems to work for the 12-2 Bengals.

1. D.J. Moore

It was close at the top between Ross and Moore but Moore’s stats just jumped off the page with 99 catching and 99 catch in traffic this guy just doesn’t drop the ball, with superstar development it won’t be long until he’s statistically the best wide out in the league, Andrew Luck is as his name suggests a ‘Lucky’ man. (Can we get a can of spam here to. Ed.)

Top 5 – Edition 2 – Running Backs

In Edition 2 we evaluate the running backs the guy that takes the pressure off the Quarterback. Could a running back outshine one of the previous QB’s for the MVP award? A lot of these running backs are just starting out in their careers looking to get better, Again in reverse order …

5.  Dalvin Cook – Minnesota Vikings

With 6.2 yards per rush and an impressive 11 runs going for over 20+ yards Minnesota’s Dalvin Cook belongs on this list, with a owner with a great track record and a strong RT (Ramczyk) to run behind in the ground game, Cook only looks to improve.

4.  Melvin Gordon – Los Angeles Chargers

With a strong ground game and O-Line, Melvin Gordon excels in this offense, 2nd in overall rushing yards this 27 year old is the oldest of the five on this list but his best years are still ahead of him.

3.  Alvin Kamara – San Francisco 49’ers  

Controversial that he’s not higher on this list, this 25 year old superstar has defensive coordinators shaking in their boots with an impressive 6.2 yards per rush and a juke move to leave linebackers for dust, he is certainly one of the leagues best!

2.  Derrius Guice – Washington Redskins

It was a tough call between Kamara and Guice for 2nd spot however the 23 year old just edged it, with his 95 trucking he scares anyone who even thinks about a tackle and this ground and pound shows in his stats with his 10 TD’s which is 2nd in the league. Developing further, Guice looks to be a superstar for years to come.

1.  Ezekiel Elliott – Dallas Cowboys

Is he really that good or is it the O-Line that he runs behind? Statistics say he’s that good! Leading the league in Rushing Yards with 1290 and eclipsing the league in rushing TD’s with 19 nearly double 2nd place! The heart of Dallas football runs through Zeke. Having already smashed the record for rushing TD’s in a season his eyes are set on the yards record set by Gordon of 1367 in 2018 and 77 yards short of this with 3 games to go, you’ve got to say he makes it a record breaking season.
We asked one of Zekes most recent opponents if they had anything to say on his ranking but the Panthers owner didn’t have much to say, “Fuck off Ben”
‘Just missed out, Sealii Chambers, (HOU) Le’Veon Bell, (PIT) Leonard Fournette, (JAX) Christian McCaffrey, (CAR).’

Top 5 – Edition 1 – Quarterbacks

As the season heads towards the final few weeks I will be evaluating each position and listing the top 5 players potentially heading for the post season. In reverse order …

 5. Graham Rollins – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Some may ask why Rollins gets 5th spot over other established QB’s in the league however his 71% completion percentage speaks for itself, leading the league (starting qb’s) still being 22 his best years are ahead of him and expect him to be on this list in years to come.

4.  Jared Goff – LA Rams

This young QB is really starting to come into his own in Los Angeles, he has the most completions in the league and looks to try and march LA into the postseason. With a relatviely young Star HB behind him in Gurley and a speedster in Cooks to throw to he will only get better.

3.  Rashard Shelton – San Francisco 49’ers

Although recently injured his name still deserves to be on this list in his rookie year the 21 year old leads the league in passing TD’s with 29, the star development will only improve him for years to come with a stud LT to protect his blindside expect his name to be here for the next few years.

2. Andrew Luck – Carolina Panthers

Leading the league in Passing Yards by quite a distance Mr Luck is a candidate for league MVP despite having a slip up the past 2 weeks Luck continues to dominate the league and will certainly be one of the favourites to make the superbowl.

1. Patrick Mahomes – Cincinnati Bengals

With a Touchdown to Interception rating of 26-5 it’s impossible for Mahomes not to be top of this list, if it’s not open he doesn’t throw it, his 98 Throw Power and John Ross lining up at Wide Receiver strikes fear into any secondary in the league. Definitely a MVP candidate.
Just missed out Josh Rosen (ARI), Nick Ferguson (PIT), Joseph McCain (KC).