Ben’s Betting Blog – Week 16 Preview – Smell the Play-offs

Looking ahead to week 16 the playoffs are pretty much here and settled! However there are a few games left that are important in deciding who makes it and who doesn’t. Highlighted are 3 of these games.

In a NFC vs AFC Battle the (9-5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to keep play-off hopes alive but have a difficult trip when they head to the winner of the AFC West, The (12-2) Denver Broncos. It looks to be close but my money is on the Broncos who look to secure a first round bye and home field advantage. Take the Broncos @ 4/11

Buccaneers – 7/2
Draw – 25/1
Broncos – 4/11

The battle of the Chris’ comes to the AFC this week, Chris R’s Chiefs – face up against Chris G’s Steelers. Both teams need the win to hold off other play off teams from stealing their play off spots. Could it be a controversial draw? I don’t think so, got to say my money is on Chris for this one! Chiefs @ EVS

Chiefs – EVS
Draw – 20/1
Steelers – 5/6

Redskins – 49’ers

This match up is more meaningful for the 49’ers than the Redskins however don’t think Washington will just roll over because they’re out of the play offs. Since it’s playing now i’ll just guess, Rory takes the shock win @ 2/1

Redskins– 2/1
Draw – 20/1
Steelers – 5/7