The Divisions that are still looking for their seasons champion.

AFC EAST Patriots and Bills still chasing the playoff spot. As of now, odds are with the Patriots as they have already gone up one game and the Bills have yet to play the mighty Panthers and some crazy Texans. What does that mean? Well, pretty much winning the division unless Bills Owner, Glyn, pulls Read more about The Divisions that are still looking for their seasons champion.[…]

HOF Debate

Having a few beers on Saturday me and a mate (Seahawks fan) were debating the Gronk requirement and the phrase “Hall of fame worth career”. We had different opinions on that (I think he’s HOF possible) (“FUCKING POSSIBLE” – Publisher) so decided to go through and rank the starting QB’s (as of that evening so Read more about HOF Debate[…]

Power Rankings

Quick Recap of the Daddyleagues Power Rankings1)  Carolina Panthers 6-0 Usual team in these rankings. Nothing weird about it and this season isn’t any different. A lot of good players to go along with someone that knows what do with them. The schedule isn’t the easiest, as they have a couple of good teams to face but I think Read more about Power Rankings[…]

Gang Green

Gang Green Season Review The season is in the bag and the Jets didn’t make the playoffs or even .500 but there were definite signs of improvement as the season went on. Following last years winless season, just winning some games was going to be the target and in that regard, the Jets exceeded expectations. Prior Read more about Gang Green[…]