An Audience with: NFC North

Welcome to part two of our meet the GMs, today we stay up north to meet Moose, JR, Andre and Alistair

BD: Moose you have a division leading 6-2 record so far and are undefeated at home, with 5 home game left down the stretch will this be enough to see off the Bears and Vikings?

 M: Hopefully it all depends on if JR can pick up a couple more defeats from others and then decided he’s reached his tanking threshold. Alastair’s kid playing up during a game would be useful too. 

BD: The QB position in Detroit has been a merry go round the last few seasons but with the mesmerising acquisition of Rodgers are you settled for the future now?

M: Yes he is absolutely the starter but he isn’t the problem. My passing offence is total garbage and I haven’t really seen an important yet due to my own idiocy. But that will only be applied to Rodgers going forward.

BD: Last seasons DROTY Evan Bird has been flying high again this season with a team high 5 interceptions, how important is this guy in the secondary?

M: He’s missed half the season so far and the defence has suffered. No where near last season’s form. Ziggy has stepped up though with 8 sacks already. Ultimately it’s a solid unit from Williams and Ziggy at the front Attaochu, Gooden and Burfict in between with Carswell Slay and Bird patrolling the backfield. 

BD: With fellow high flyers in the NFC San Francisco and seattle to play do you see these as potential opponents in the play offs?

M: Seattle definitely. However we all know the Niners are riding their luck heavily for the last 20 seasons so it has to run out soon. I think this is the year. 

BD: As is customary for my final question, what words do you have for your opponents for the run in?

 M: Foot bin against we you ducks 

BD: ……..


JR is next to stumble through my door drinks in had let’s see what he had to say.

Coach JR is celebrating a renaissance this season

BD: JR you sit 1 win behind the 6-2 Lions with the added pressure of a loss against them already, can you turn up the heat and win this division?

JR: I feel that if i play to the best of my ability I can. Being a panic merchant at times can have its draw backs but I have worked on remaining calm during games. I have beaten Moose before and could have avoided a few mistakes in the first game and kept it closer so I can take comfort in that. 

BD: The Bears currently have the best Redzone points percentage in the division, what do you put this down to?

JR: Trying to stay unpredictable, everyone has favourite or preferred plays they run in the redzone but I have tried to steer clear of calling the same plays this year. I also never feel like I will turn the ball over in the redzone, I am confident in myself that i will put points on the board. 

BD: With a 21 interceptions so far this Bears D really gets to the ball, does this confidence carry over top the offence knowing that if they don’t get the 7 points here they know the defence will get the ball straight back?

JR: At times you could say that yes as I feel I can force a mistake on alot of drives, but I am still not happy with my Defence so far in Madden 17. My Ravens D from last Madden was balling after a few seasons and I haven’t quite reached those levels this year. My user has been poor at times so I have been trying to improve on that. The best players in the league thrive on turnovers and thats what I try my best to do. Defence wins Championships. 

BD: Breon Adkins was an early favourite for rookie of the year, how much did it hurt him going down and did Lasco, in your opinion, step up?

JR: It was a definite blow. I have invested alot in my Oline during the offseason and Adkins had gotten off to a great start. Having traded Jeremy Langford to the Saints during pre-season the onus fell to Lasco and after a shakey start against the Jets he seemed to find his feet against the Packers. Hopefully he can kick on during these next 2 games before Adkins returns as a strong run game is needed to help me win games. 

BD: and lastly what words do you have for your upcoming opponents?

JR: Sober JR is a better player so send me alcohol. PM for address


As JR stumbles off into the night stealing a burrito from that crazy Mexican Andre who takes the hot seat

The packers are on the slow burn this Madden….but are they almost ready ??

BD: The green Bay Packers are still winless 8 weeks into the season and have allowed a league leading 211 points, where do you think its all going wrong at the moment?

 A: Pressure. The team doesn’t seem to handle it well. We can stop the 1st and 2nd downs, but it doesn’t matter how close or far the other team is we always end up giving up a big play on 3rd downs. Often leading to quick touchdowns, and this is something we haven’t been able to do ourselves on offense! Other than I think we have done well and we should have been higher than where we are right now.

BD: This Packers team isn’t a bad team and they have an effective passing game they just need to knock a few turnovers on the head, do you think with a solid draft and plenty of practice in the off season this team can really turn a corner next year?

A: Yes, we have done well passing the ball this year. Randall was top 10 in various categories at some point this season. We are definitely not a bad time and as soon as some things start coming our way we should start seeing some better results. We hope to have less turnovers, like you mentioned. But especially hoping for better luck with that. Many of those were result of bad luck rather bad plays from our side. We don’t wanna base our hopes in the coming draft but in the long and hard training session we will continue having during the rest of the seasom and off season. So yes, we will definitely not be the bonus team against year.

BD: The departure of Rodgers really left fans scratching their heads, was it a case of it just wasn’t working and you needed to get what you could for him or was there more to the story?

 A: We can honestly say that it wasn’t related to his performance. He was having his best season here, he was unlucky with some turnovers and receiving too much heat from most defenses we have played and still managed to do well enough. The trade was based on what was good for him and for us. He needed a second chance to get titles, something we wouldn’t be able to offer this season. And we wanted to start moving on from having the best QB and to learn how to play without it. To improve, in the long run and adapt for future situations at our own pace rather than suddenly losing him for whatever other reason and dealing with a sudden catastrophe. 

BD: Looking at the Packers remaining games 3 seem winnable, the Redskins, the Cardinals and the Buccaneers, Do you think you can end the season with these wins under your belt or is this a step to far?

 A: The coaching staff in Green Bay is having to adapt in the coming weeks after various members of the staff, including myself, are required to be absent from the team at certain times due to uncontrollable reasons. This could affect some of our players performances, so it’s hard to say hoe high we should aim for. But all we can say, whoever is here or away will be doing his utmost effort to achieve the best result possible with the tools available at hand Having said that, we will looking to finish the season with as many wins as can. That has always been our goal and will always be. Losing spots in the draft is not important. We play this game to win not to have better draft positions. Honour is what carries this team and we fight for it whether we are Superbowl contenders or the worst team in the league. 

BD: One final question do you have any words for you rivals?

 A: Green Bay is coming! 


Last to appear is Alistair with excuses of baby poop and smelling slightly of said baby poop we give him a pass.


The Vikings have struggled since AP headed to the Big Apple

BD: You currently sit 3-6, 3 wins behind the leading lions, are you disappointed to be that far behind at this stage of a season or with this roster thats where you expected to be?

Al: Very disappointed with this year. With the talent on our roster, especially on defense we should be competing for the division. Poor execution has let us down offensively. 

BD: The Vikings have allowed the opposition 34 trips into their red zone allowing 16 touchdowns, with numbers like this its a miracle you have 3 wins, will there be focus to turn this around for the latter half of the season?

Al: It’s a symptom of our offensive issues more than anything else. We need to be able to apply some scoreboard pressure. Being constantly behind in games allows our opponents to pick and choose how to beat us. 

BD: Do you have any star players who have contracts up at the end of the year and what are your intentions for them?

Al: Already managed to lock up Kendricks, Joseph, Diggs and Hunter this season. Griffen remains unsigned and at the moment the two sides are a fair way apart on a new deal.

BD: Do you have any last words for your rivals as we close out the season?

Al: I look forward to many more who-can-throw-the-most-picks battles against Moose, we have all seen how much JR tanked last year, and can’t believe Andre hasn’t won more games. Needs to kneel it out!


There we have it, I hope you all enjoyed this brief insight to what goes through these coaches minds.