Alastair’s Mock Draft

Pick No. 1 – Arizona Cardinals


Russell Rudd, QB, Alabama


The Cards will take advantage of the early pick to lock in the future of their franchise behind Rudd from Alabama who has had an impressive college career. Scouts have been impressed both with his accuracy and mobility as well as his poise in the pocket.


Pick No. 2 – New York Jets


Maxey Ross, CB, Wisconsin


The Jets will pick second for the second year running and this year will try to fill the gaps in their secondary by taking zone corner Maxey Ross from Wisconsin. At 6′ 2” with plenty of pace he will start from day 1 opposite the veteran Darrelle Revis.


Pick No. 3 – Green Bay Packers


George Bogle, LOLB, Auburn


The improving Packers will add some serious pass rushing threat to their young LB group by adding the impressively physical George Bogle. Bogle has surprising agility for a player strong enough to also go straight through a tackle and has knocked down 8 passes at the line of scrimmage this year with his reach.


Pick No. 4 – Washington Redskins


Charlie Katzenmoyer, LT, Auburn


Combine monster Charlie Katzenmoyer will add some serious beef to the offensive line in Washington. Scouts have been convinced that he has the skills to play in a zone blocking scheme as well as standing strong against the strong divisional pass rushers.


Pick No. 5 – Oakland Raiders


Marcus Hester, ROLB, Wisconsin


The Raiders will make use of the first of two top-10 picks to make their defense even more terrifying by adding All-star MVP Marcus Hester to play opposite the dominant Khalil Mack. Hester has outstanding physical attributes and an outrageous spin move that make him possibly the most talented player in the draft.


Pick No. 6 – Atlanta Falcons


De’Aarius Blackmon, CB, Auburn


Picking at 6 for the second consecutive year after a blockbuster trade with the Titans, the Falcons will get younger in the secondary by selecting De’Aarius Blackmon. Blackmon projects as an elite slot corner with decent skills in run support.


Pick No. 7 – Kansas City Chiefs


Connor Brandon, MLB, Wisconsin


KC will make it three Wisconsin defensive players in the top 7 by taking Connor Brandon. Leader of the dominant Badgers defense this year Brandon excels against the run but is talented enough to fill any role in the LB group.


Pick No. 8 – Oakland Raiders


Theodore Losman, LT, Texas A&M


The Raiders will use their next pick to give injury risk Derek Carr some additional protection to avoid playoff embarrassments against the Texans in the future. Losman is a powerful physical specimen who has plenty of room to improve at age 22.


Pick No. 9 – Chicago Bears


Andre Dorsey, ROLB, Texas A&M


The Bears will welcome Dorsey after a strong pro day showing overcame a disappointing combine performance. The strong edge rusher will add some bite off the edge for a Bears defensive line that needs a lot of help.


Pick No. 10 – Minnesota Vikings


Dyron Felix, LE, Miami


The Vikings will add another weapon to their defensive 4-3 by selecting Dyron Felix from Miami. The young LE is known for his power and has the skills to operate well against the run.