Original League Blog – Week 4

Original League Blog – Week 4

Given the events of the past few days the blog can only start one way. This week we have lost one of our most influential and inspirational figures, a guy that so many of us have turned to for guidance, leadership and advice. Many of us may not have agreed with his views or the rules and regulations he imposed on us, however he will long be remembered in this as the Commander in Chief. Thank you Obama for all your hard work you will be sorely missed….. In other new news the evil overlord that was SC has left

Game of the Week

No doubt with this selection I will incur the wrath of one of our esteemed commissioners, but, this weeks’ choice for Game of the Week, has to be, the Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears.

Despite Drake on running for 1 yard after 4 attempts (a theme that would continue throughout the game), the Bears got off to a great start, scoring on their opening drive and eating over 5 minutes of clock in the process. Not wanting to be outshined in front of their home crowd, the Bears Defence then forced a punt from the Lions, giving the offense another chance to march down the field and put some points on the board. That was the plan anyway. Pegged back at their own 10 yard line following the punt the Bears lack of a run game was exposed once again. After losing 2 yards on a first play run the Bears had little choice but to go for a pass if they wanted to keep their drive alive, unfortunately the Lions were on the same wavelength. Cook, going for the shot play to get the Bears out of their own Redzone, was quickly picked off by Glover Quin who was denied a pick 6 at the 1 yard line.

Now on the Bears 1 yard the Lions offense had to score. After two plays for negative yards the Lions had little chance but to go for it on 3rd down if they wanted to come away with 7 points, but, much like Quin did minutes before, Fields had other ideas. Sitting pretty in the Endzone Fields quickly diagnosed the play and picked off Stafford, unfortunately though his momentum took over and he was taken down on the 1 yard line. Cook did a good job of getting the Bears into safe territory but then another lapse in concentration at the 50 meant he was picked off a 2nd time in as many drives. 4 plays later the Lions were level after Stafford connected with Brown, who (comically) stumbled into the Endzone untouched. With less than two minutes on the clock and all time outs remaining you’d have fancied the Bears to get a least a field goal before half time. Placed on his own 25 yard line Cook decided to go for it and through a deep ball downfield only to be picked off by the Lions for a 3rd time in this game. Now the Lions were in their own two minute drill with all timeouts remaining and marching down the field to the Bears 35 where……………………………… you guessed it Stafford was picked off. The ever so reliable Connor Cook steps up, brushes off the cobwebs and connects two in a row and drives the Bears into the Lions side of the field, in the hurry up, clock at 43 seconds, two timeouts remaining and…………. Wtf!!!! Are you kidding me!!! Cook throws another INT!!!!

After a couple of clock burning runs by the Lions, que half time – You can see why this is game of the week can’t you.

The second half started much the same as the 1st ended. After a couple of plays marching down field, the Lions found themselves on a 3rd and long on the Bears 46, and, not wanting to break from the traditions of the game, Stafford connects with Josh Shaw for another pick. Believe it or not the rest of the 3rd Qtr passed without incident until, just as time was about to expire, Cook connected with Drake for a 45 yard screen Touchdown, Bears lead 14-7.

Now into the 4th Qtr the madness resumed. The Lions we forced to punt on their first drive, and for a moment you would be forgiven for thinking that the Bears would eat a bit of time and slowly move down the field, but a lack of a run game prevented that. That left the game in the hands of the ever so unreliable Connor Cook, who throws his 5th (.. or is it his 6th, I don’t know I’ve lost count), interception of the game and the Lions quickly make the Bears pay for their error and score a touchdown with both teams now on 14 points. Moving into the dying embers of the game the Bears make slow progress moving down the field, chewing up the clock seemingly, desperately, trying to ensure they hold on to the ball. Just outside of the two minute warning the Bears find themselves on 3 and 18 from the Lions 46. They have no choice, they have to throw the ball if they are to stand any chance of winning the game. So they do, the ball is snapped, the Bears receivers race down the field, Cook gathers his composure, pressure starting to build around him, he looks, he sees Randle, he throws… and its picked off. Now in the two minute warning and at his own 37, Stafford meanders his team down towards the Bears Endzone forcing the Bears to use their precious timeouts. Now at the Bears 26, no timeouts for the opposition and with 1:03 remaining the Lions chew the clock. 1st down, Hyde moves down to the 24, down, Hyde moves the ball to the 18, 3rd down, Hyde loses 6 back to the Bears 24. 4th down…… and this is what happens.

I don’t know if this was a really good game or a really bad one, but it sure was an entertaining one.

Team of the Week

QB – Cam Newton – 22/25 271 yds 2TD’s

HB – Kimani Hagans – 264 yds 17 Att’s 3 TD’s

WR – TY Hilton – 136 yds 7 Rec 1 TD

TE – Jordan Cameron – 133 yds 9 Att 1 TD

Def – Atlanta Falcons – 123 Off yds & 0 points allowed

Must Watch Games This Week

Rams @ Falcons

Patriots @ Jets (AKA Veetbowl)

Colts @ Ravens