Top 5 Most Improved Teams – Draft

With the draft over and owners eager to play with their new toys, the penultimate season of Madden 17 is about to get underway. During the last offseason, we saw something that seemed to have eluded the league for so long…. Trades!!! (I’m sure the return of the #1 trade fiend Danny to league had nothing to do with it).

So, as we embark on season 5, who has put themselves in a much better position to take home the OOH Lombardi? Me and my esteemed colleagues (3 hastily found volunteers) put in hours of research (lies, it was about 5 minutes) to come up with our top 5 most improved teams!


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles came in to the draft needing one thing, a Quarterback. There were raised eye brows when the GM allowed Wentz to leave in free agency, but he silenced the critics when he somehow, against all the odds, drafted Sean Hass at #2. With Tight End Cody Loper drafted early in the 2nd round the Eagles added 2 dynamic pieces to their offence that could help them finally get over the hump and reign supreme in the NFC East. Although they didn’t draft a team full of studs, the Eagles deserve a place in our top 5 just for the Hass pick alone.


Houston Texans

After inheriting one of the most talented rosters, the Texans owner did what anyone wanting to get their hands on a Lombardi wouldn’t. Traded almost all the talent away! I’m sure most of them being in the final year of their deals had nothing to do with it. With 8 of the 13-drafted expected to straight in to the starting line-up that’s not a bad return. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise if this GM started all 13. It’s not the first time he’s drafted what we all expect to be duds and turned them into a coach’s wet dream. Just ask the Chargers current owner.


Cincinnati Bengals

I know what you must all be thinking FIX!!! I didn’t vote for myself honest… Although I can neither confirm or deny the other 3 amigos weren’t bribed. After a tough season the Bengals went full rebuild mode this offseason. After nabbing who most viewed as the #1 receiver in the draft at pick 3 the Bengals added much needed help to the Line-backer corps, oline and dline. After a good free agency and some savvy trading, including a deadline day-esq trade for the much-hated Mullet that is Evan Potter, the Bengals have a 1 in 4 chance of winning the AFC N this year.


San Francisco 49ers

After working some Darren Brown like hypno skills the 9ers won every trade they made in the offseason, seemingly getting a 1st rounders for backups by the hour. The Defensive line got an injection of youth and the Oline got some new pieces that should be able to keep the QB upright this season. Throw in to the mix not one but 2 quick developing QB’s. Like the Texans before him the 9ers GM managed to get a haul of at least 8 starters from this draft but don’t be surprised to see more. With their main rivals seemingly taking a back seat in this draft, don’t be surprised if we see the 49ers in the final 2 M17 Super bowls.


Cleveland Browns

Ok ok, so they passed on Hass, but the owner has made it clear that he just didn’t fit his system, I think it’s only fair we give him the benefit of the doubt. By adding one of the fastest receivers we’ve seen in the draft this year, a couple of oline men and a dual threat quarterback in Zimmer; the Browns offence has suddenly become one of the most dynamic. The defensive front 7 get a mini shake up as well, the addition of Crayton helps the defensive line, but its amongst the Line-backers where we see the biggest improvement. Gold and Sparks are user friendly big hitters who will be a dream for this blitz happy owner. With all these new additions expect to see the Browns make a serious push for the playoffs this year.