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I’m sat at work bored out of my mind, which, can only mean one thing…….. It’s blog time!!!!! You could even call the Foistbloginalongtiime, eh eh see what I did there #kingofbants. Newcomers apologies if you don’t know what I’m referring to, ask around I’m sure you’ll hear all about it, just don’t ask anyone from the NFC East, they won’t have clue what you’re talking about.

Anyway moving on…

For today’s blog we’re going to take a trip down memory lane, and play a little game I like to call, Lust or Bust (Note it’s the first time I’ve played this game and the name has only just come to me now, but what the hell, let’s just role with it). Let’s take a look at the top 5 players taken in Season one’s draft and see just who we lust over and those we’re glad we didn’t take.

Pick 1 Aaron Harden QB, Redskins

Poor Aaron, I remember reading the news about this guy and we all though wow, this kid is gonna be goooood. Unfortunately he hasn’t managed to live up to the hype he had coming out of college and he seems to have regressed massively. Maybe he’s the victim of circumstance, the owner’s absence from drafts has left Assistant GM Colin Percival Underbridge (or CPU for short) in charge and his focus has been on the Defence.


Pick 2 Evan Potter QB, Jets

No longer playing for the Jets, Evan has found a new home in Cleveland.. no wait San Francisco…. Fuck it


Pick 3 Charlton Kidd CB, Buccaneers

Charlton has been one of the stellar performers over the past couple of seasons. He taken the reigns of the Tampa backfield and has developed in to one of the best Corners in the game. Granted the team isn’t one of the powerhouses in the NFL, but QB’s know to throw the ball on the opposite direction to this Kidd (get it).


Pick 4 Stephon Grant WR, Broncos

Rightly so the Denver faithful were probably expecting a little more from this Wide Receiver. Despite getting off to a good start in his first year his numbers have dropped off heavily over the last 2 season. A change to a more run orientated offence may have contributed to this, but Stephon is going to have to start making an impression if he wants a new contract. He needs to up his game and not take this opportunity for Grant-ed… ok that’s bad.


Pick 5 Andre Vinson MLB, Packers

Andre was my number 1 guy heading into the draft, and I’m sure he was sitting at the top of a lot of people’s boards. That changed though as we approached draft day as news broke about his partying. Unfortunately it appears that the Packers didn’t get the memo. Vinson has under impressed since coming into the league. The owner will no doubt try and pimp him off for a first as we approach this year’s draft, but deep down we all know; this boy is staying in Green Bay.


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