10th July 2018

Hall Of Fame Class of 2018

2018, Carl Snelling , Chickenb0y82

Commissioner, Owner and Bottler extraordinaire

Inducted by Chris Ritchie

Much liked commissioner and one of the best players in the league. Hands out beatings year on year and is still one of the most well liked members of the community. When he first joined the league he was getting tips from other members on how to play, and is now one of the most dominant the league has ever seen . A deserved space in the Hall of Fame for CB who is always around to help people out with queries or auto people. One of the OOH greats with 4 Superbowl wins and countless division and conference titles and now rightly in the Hall of Fame.

2018. Khalil Mack DE, Oakland Raiders, 262 Tackles, 59 TFLm, 91.5 Sacks, 5 Seasons

Mack Spent most of his playing time toying with the tackle assigned to try and block this monster. Speed power and the determination to get to the QB led to Mack breaking the season sack record in 2017 with an astonishing 23 sacks, Mack was the cornerstone of the Raiders defence and will go down as one of the most fearsome pass rusher this game has ever seen.

2018. Kam Chancellor SS.  Seahawks/Lions/Giants

249 Tackles, 32 Interceptions, 4TDs 5 Seasons.

Previous Superbowl winner with the legendary LOB, Chancellor became a victim of cap management in the 2018 season being traded to the Lions for a low 2ndround pick.In his time Chancellor became the heavy hitting safety the Lions needed. In his time in Detroit he showcases another side of his game with his fantastic ball hawk’s skills.  Which resulted in Chancellor breaking the 50-year record of most Interceptions in a single game with 6 against Green Bay.

Chancellor then joined the Giants in free agency before Retiring a Legend in his position.

2018. Ezekiel Elliott HB, Dallas Cowboys 6525 Yards, 70TD, 8.3 YPR

The formula for the Cowboys was simple. Feed Elliot, Win Ball Games helped by a dominant offensive line the Cowboys utilised the best 3 down back the game has seen.  Even when the offensive line failed on their assignment stopping Elliott was an issue with his ability to find the smallest gap to turn a 5-yard loss into a 70-yard TD. Injuries plagued Elliot throughout his career if he had managed to fit he would have broken every single rushing record.

2018. Marvin Scott, WR, Arizona Cardinals. 4011yds, 36 TD, 8.3 YPC

Coming out in the 2019 Draft, The reincarnation of Jaren Scott. Somehow this 6ft 6 Giant fell to the 19thpick in the 1stround to the Arizona Cardinals. Owner MidgetMoose couldn’t believe his luck. On the Field Scott needed constant attention, his ability to beat his man 1 on 1 led to plenty of double teams but still constantly came down with the ball in his hands. Scott may not have won any rings or get to show off his immense talent on the grandest stage but will go down in history as one of the best natural freaks to ever step foot on the field.